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Full Circle Compostis located on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, directly below Lake Tahoe, in the beautiful Carson Valley.

We formulate our products to meet the unique challenges the Sierra Front has to offer.

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Full Circle Compost Mission

The primary focus of Full Circle Compost, Inc. is to produce the highest quality humified soil amendments possible. Utilizing state-of-the-art composting technology, recipes, and supplements, our goal is to harness the energy of the microbial workforce present in humified compost in order to maximize their beneficial and necessary influences in our soils.

The utilization and recycling of existing organic resources from the local community and surrounding areas will be paramount for the overall success of our program.

Full Circle Impact

Full Circle Compost, Inc. will play a key role in building positive, mutually beneficial relationships between agriculture, forestry, and the urban community.

With the ecologically correct waste management and renewable farming practices mentioned here, we believe Full Circle Compost, Inc. can be of great service to our local community and surrounding areas.

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Z-HUME is a spray adjuvant that contains 3% Fractured Natural Polyhydroxy Acids, otherwise known as Lignin. As plant material decomposes, lignin accumulates to constitute an important ingredient of humus, albeit in a modified condition. In the process of humification, lignin unites with proteins, chiefly those elaborated by microorganisms, to form a lignin-proteinate complex. This renders the protein very resistant to microbial attack. Thus, Nitrogen in humus is retained and only slowly liberated.

Humus itself undergoes slow decomposition so that in well-aerated soils receiving normal additions of organic matter its level remains fairly constant. This slow decomposition is of great practical importance. It constitutes a means whereby Nitrogen, as well as simple mineral compounds, can be stored in soil and released gradually for consumption by growing plants.

When using Z-HUME, there should be adequate Calcium available or Calcium should be added. Z-HUME aids in the release of plant nutrients by extending their availability over a longer period of time. Z-HUME is the best microbial product available for use in high saline soils. Using Z-HUME in conjunction with Gypsum will help alleviate saline toxicity.

USAGE: As part of a residue decomposition spray, in starter fertilizers, as a broadcast fertilizer, or for the impregnation of limestone.

APPLICATION: In a Residue Decomposition Spray:

6-10 gal. 28% Nitrogen
3 lbs. Sugar or 2 gal. Molasses
1-2 gal. Liquid Calcium (9-0-0-11Ca) if needed
2-3 gal. Thiosul
2 qts. Z-Hume

Spray this on residue and lightly incorporate. This aids in the decomposition of residue through the use of bacteria, preventing the residue from oxidizing and turning to ash.

In a Starter Fertilizer:

5-10 gal. Starter Fertilizer
1-3 gal. Molasses or 2-3 lbs. Sugar
2 qts. Z-Hume
1 qt. Liquid Fish

This should aid in plant emergence as well as early plant vigor for residue decomposition.

As a broadcast with Nitrogen solution:

25-50 gal. 28% or 32% Nitrogen
2-4 gal. Thiosul
1-3 gal. Molasses or 3-6 lbs. Sugar
2 qts. Z-Hume

For impregnating Limestone:

Apply 5 gal. Z-Hume mixed in 5 gal. water to each ton of Limestone.
Consult your BioGenesis Systems representative for more details.

DISCLAIMER: There are no warranties of performance, expressed or implied. IAL has no control over the user’s storage, handling, or product application conditions. IAL shall not be liable for damages of any kind from the presence or use of this product.