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Whole Foods MarketOur "Soil Essence Elite" is now available for purchase at the Whole Foods Market in Reno and the Great Basin Community Food Co-op - 542 ½ Plumas St., Reno, NV 89509, 775-324-6133

Full Circle Compostis located on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, directly below Lake Tahoe, in the beautiful Carson Valley.

We formulate our products to meet the unique challenges the Sierra Front has to offer.

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Full Circle Compost Mission

The primary focus of Full Circle Compost, Inc. is to produce the highest quality humified soil amendments possible. Utilizing state-of-the-art composting technology, recipes, and supplements, our goal is to harness the energy of the microbial workforce present in humified compost in order to maximize their beneficial and necessary influences in our soils.

The utilization and recycling of existing organic resources from the local community and surrounding areas will be paramount for the overall success of our program.

Full Circle Impact

Full Circle Compost, Inc. will play a key role in building positive, mutually beneficial relationships between agriculture, forestry, and the urban community.

With the ecologically correct waste management and renewable farming practices mentioned here, we believe Full Circle Compost, Inc. can be of great service to our local community and surrounding areas.

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Understanding Soil Fertility

Soil Fertility menu

Let’s put ourselves in the mind of a plant…

Just like you and I, plants look for nutritional satisfaction. When you go to a restaurant the menu answers the question of “What am I going to eat?” Plants ask this same question and look for the available nutrients that they crave in the soils that they live. These are the main nutritional ingredients plants crave in their soils:

The key is feeding the soil, which in turn feeds the plant. The soil ensures the maximum health and vitality to the plants by delivering the nutrients the plants crave in a timely and efficient manner. It is through the proper balance of the soil fertility menu that plants are satisfied and we are able to have the best growing experiences possible. Full Circle Compost products, packed with all of the above nutrients, are designed to fulfill plant nutritional cravings and offer a balanced soil fertility menu.

“Feed the soil, feed the plant, feed yourself…FEED YOUR FOOD”