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Whole Foods MarketOur "Soil Essence Elite" is now available for purchase at the Whole Foods Market in Reno and the Great Basin Community Food Co-op - 542 ½ Plumas St., Reno, NV 89509, 775-324-6133

Full Circle Compostis located on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, directly below Lake Tahoe, in the beautiful Carson Valley.

We formulate our products to meet the unique challenges the Sierra Front has to offer.

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Full Circle Compost Mission

The primary focus of Full Circle Compost, Inc. is to produce the highest quality humified soil amendments possible. Utilizing state-of-the-art composting technology, recipes, and supplements, our goal is to harness the energy of the microbial workforce present in humified compost in order to maximize their beneficial and necessary influences in our soils.

The utilization and recycling of existing organic resources from the local community and surrounding areas will be paramount for the overall success of our program.

Full Circle Impact

Full Circle Compost, Inc. will play a key role in building positive, mutually beneficial relationships between agriculture, forestry, and the urban community.

With the ecologically correct waste management and renewable farming practices mentioned here, we believe Full Circle Compost, Inc. can be of great service to our local community and surrounding areas.

Location Map

Click to enlargeWe have been planting tomatoes at our Minden home in the Mackland Subdivision for several years now and have had some success.

This year we decided to do a "Raised" garden area.  We raised our planting area by 10", removed several inches of the old soil and filled the area with 75% garden soil and 25% Soil Essence Elite N+ from Full Circle Compost and again planted one "Early Girl" tomato plant and one "Super Early Girl" tomato plant.  Both have done very well, but the "Super Early Girl" has really outdone itself, we have never seen a tomato plant grow like this; it is now over 6 ft. in height and still growing!  The base of this plant is close to 1 ½" in diameter and several branches are over 1".  We have had several tomatoes from both plants and they are delicious! We can only attribute the super growth of this tomato plant to the use of Soil Essence Elite N+ from Full Circle Compost.

Bill and Margaret Colescott

Smith and Smith Farms
Organic Farm in Dayton, Nevada

We have sandy soil and this season we used Full Circle Compost's compost on some ground we hadn't cropped before.  Summer squash was planted to this area and I harvested good yields from that planting for the entire season!


I went to the business expo at the Douglas Fairgrounds and received a sample of the Elite N+.  I put it on my Aloe Vera plants and they are going crazy!!!

Bonnie Keesecker

"As a Nevada native and a college student majoring in Environmental Chemistry, I am aware of the unique and fragile ecosystem of the beautiful Carson Valley. The familiar scent of sagebrush in the dry wind reveals the reality of the natural condition of the high desert environment. Many locals could attest to the difficulty the native soil places on attempts to establish desirable plants and a lawn worthy of neighborhood bragging rights. Full Circle Compost provides an ecological and environmental solution to these inherent landscaping problems.

I first discovered the benefits of their products as a groundskeeper for a local school district. I had experienced problems with athletic fields suffering from overuse from physical education classes encompassing the full school day followed by soccer practice. The field suffered from compacted clay, resulting in sparse grass coverage and insufficient drainage. I was motivated to find a solution and comply with the local water restrictions. The standard practice of heavy applications of chemical fertilizer along with daily drenchings of water needed to be revised into a sensible and more suitable practice.

I contacted Craig Witt of Full Circle Compost and, after several discussions, decided to apply humus to the area in poorest condition during the only two months when the field was relatively unused, mid-December to mid-February. I aerated the middle of the soccer field and filled the gaps with humus and made a second application a month later. The beneficial effects were obvious: the greening and growth of grass in the treated areas emerged much earlier than the surrounding fields.

A couple of years later I applied Full Circle's humus to an old garden. The garden needed renovation due to the fact that it was left abandoned and was drained of nutrients from years of weathering. Even the weeds left the old crusty top layer alone! The first year after applying the humus I discovered the reemergence of an old, long-forgotten asparagus plant! The shoots were the first sign of plant activity and allowed my imagination to picture the rewards of the vegetable garden I would soon be reaping. My tomato plants also produced loads of fruit! After the garden donated the last of its bounty, I spent cool fall nights baking pumpkins into pies, cakes, and pudding.

I believe a green thumb is possible in the gray Northern Nevada desert landscape if Full Circle Compost soil amendments are applied. I just found out about the Gardnerville Ranchos GID implementing their water metering program and if I desire to keep a lawn or a garden in the natural river rock basin the Ranchos are built on, I will require the benefits of moisture containment by usage of the products from Full Circle Compost!"

Daron Overturf
"A successful gardener thanks to Full Circle Compost!"

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

This is your soil at work....their vegetable beds were outstanding....but the outdoor living room adds so much to the use of their home. It's your soil that saved them from a messy, cakey, clay backyard."

Pat Fox
Native Plant Farm

Real People, Real Success, Real Satisfaction

Thanks for your efforts, thanks for your expertise, and thanks for your products.

Hi Craig-

I just wanted to write you a quick note expounding the virtues of your garden soil.  With the vast majority of the greenhouses I've done to date being set up with your garden mix, the success has been extraordinary.  I'd like to credit the greenhouse environment more but we all know- "It's all about the soil".

So thanks for your efforts, thanks for your expertise, and thanks for your products. I feel the greenhouses would deficient without them.


Gary Laack Construction
Growin'again  Custom Greenhouses

P.S. I'll be in soon for more

another testimony

Just wanted too say your compost is amazing.

Last spring we planted our front yard mid April and by June 12th had a full thick strong yard able to handle 20 adults, tables and children playing in sprinklers. We used a trailer full of your compost finely spread out on top of grass seed. The amazing part is our base soil was high desert sand. Just bought a trailer load today to plant a back yard. We are certain we will be entertaining on it in no time. It's base is also great fine Nevada sand.
You have lifelong customer's
~ The morgans

The power of Soil Satisfaction!

soil satisfaction

University of Nevada, Reno Quad Goes Green!!

The historic quad that so many UNR students and alumni have walked, played, graduated, and studied upon is getting a sustainable facelift. This year the annual reseeding of the quad has gone all organic with the use of humus based soil fertility and no conventional fertilizers!

This year, the grounds department decided to use Full Circle Compost to provide a custom all organic soil fertility program to boost the quad to perfection for the 2012 May graduation. The two week results from the soil fertility program are wonderful! Read more here...

Last year I added several inches of Soil Essence Elite to my three vegetable beds and the results were amazing. In previous years, growth had been slow and the plants tended to bolt quickly. Not so last year. The plants were healthy and full and seldom bolted. Everything grew faster and bigger - a vegetable garden on steroids! Producing copious crops to share with guests and neighbors. I'll be adding more SEE this year - I already have bags of it waiting in the garage for the snow to melt.
~Penny in Truckee, CA

While living in Reno, I stopped in at Whole Foods and purchased a bag of the elite blend in order to brew compost tea. It worked so well that I quit using a formulated chemical blend fertilizer and switched strictly to a compost tea. In fact, it worked so well that I purchased 10 bags to take with me when I moved from Reno to Kansas City.

another testimony
It's Amazing

Greetings Craig & Staff,

This is to relay my appreciation for your efforts to bring a priceless service to the community, not to mention my back yard. I also want to thank everyone for access to the seed stock. What a help!

Only two weeks ago did I finally break down and purchased a notebook so that my gardening will be kicked up a notch or two in the future and give respect to our passion. The seeds will help me further.

I have extensively scoured FC's (most excellently designed) website for all info. With confidence my understanding of the products is greatly clarified; and dynamics of the humic acid, in relation to supplements and substrate, gives me an excellent tool for going forward with production. Thanks!

It also explains the superb results achieved last year despite several
setbacks. But with the roots nestled in a near perfect environment
(despite your warning, I still managed to over water at first). Yet the high humus content is a blessing and I now understand what's going on after cropping it last season.

Please add me to the "it's amazing" testimonials. Thanks again FC!

Seriously though, the website really is cool – but nothing is as cool as your bullet proof soil!!!

Take care,
~ Mark

Soil Satisfaction - Before and After

Before Soil Essence Elite

A customer purchased this property and did some reconstruction. The #1 project was the yard. He was just going to lay sod down, but stopped in at Full Circle Compost first and learned about the benefits of Soil Essence Elite and decided to use it with some hesitation. We explained that it would benefit him in the long run because the mycorrhizae in the Soil Essence Elite will help the new turf/sod take root faster.

He came in six weeks later and said that he was amazed that within two weeks, the sod began to root into the soil. Not only that, but he had to replace a sprinkler head and pipe that had broken, and had to pull up the sod to do so! Since the roots were already so extensive, it was a chore to pull that area of lawn up! To his amazement once more, the lawn did not die in this area, but started to grow a good root base once again within one week. "I was truly amazed and thank you once again Full Circle
Compost! I couldn't have done it without you! I will be referring all my neighbors, as they have already stopped by asking what I have used to make the yard look so beautiful."

Attached are the before and after photos of the new lawn I planted with your compost.

Great garden

Wow! I had a super-sized vegetable garden this year - tons of tomatoes and squash and definitely corn as "high as an elephant's eye." I got a truckload of your compost about 2 years ago and used most of it on shrubs and flower beds. This past Spring I planted veggies in the place where it had been dumped from the truck. That's where I really had the "wow" factor. My neighbors were amazed and my other veggie growing friends were jealous of my bountiful harvest. I had plenty to share with them and the overflow went to the food bank.

~Carol Sandmeier, Gardnerville, NV

Bob Moore

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

The same principle applies to your garden soil.

Bob Moore with his healthy plantsApplying chemical fertilizer to your soil is like giving a man a fish. He eats for one day but there is no replenishment of nutrients. In the plant world, often the chemical fertilizer is consumed by the plant and the remainder leaches out of the root zone leaving the soil barren once again. A chemical fertilizer can even be toxic to the beneficial organisms the soil needs to generate its own nutrients.

By applying a composted soil product inoculated with all the organisms necessary for natural soil nutrient production, the soil becomes self-sufficient, constantly regenerating its own fertility…teaching a man to fish.

Here at Northern Nevada Nursery, we have seen container plants that are in decline due to root rot and exhausted "sour" soil, dramatically rejuvenate after a top dress application of Full Circle Compost’s "Soil Essence Elite". The plants re-foliated with larger, greener leaves, and extended their growing season before going dormant for the winter.

A truly impressive product!

~Bob Moore
B.S. Ornamental Horticulture
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Owner- Northern Nevada Nursery Corp.

Garden on July 21, the tomato next to the shovel is over 4' tall, so is the corn. Good thing I like Zucchini.

Doug Martin has a nice garden thanks to Full Circle Compost

(Humified Compost)

This builds water holding capacity and biology

Turf fertility with Soil Essence

(Humified Mineral Compost Blend)

This is what happens when we put the missing nutrition in the blend.

Turf fertility with Soil Essence Elite

Here's the story on this customer. The customer came into Full Circle Compost to purchase Soil Essence to put on his lawn. The owner, Craig Witt asked him why he would want to use the Soil Essence when he could use the Soil Essence Elite, which is a better product with a full mineral package. The customer expressed that he didn't feel it would make any difference. So, we asked him to do a trial for us. On one side of his yard, he spread the Soil Essence and on the other side of his yard, he spread Soil Essence Elite. He took care of both sides of the yard the same way with the same amount of water. These are the results.

Soil Satisfaction - Before and After


This summer we planted two tomato plants and one pepper plant (among other things) in early July this year; we used 100% Full Circle Compost amended soil in the (raised) beds.

Have a look at the pictures - one taken in July the other taken in early October (about 3 months apart). The results were AMAZING! We'll be back in the spring for more of your great soil!


~Kali & Martin Wallace, Gardnerville, NV

The Full Circle Compost product used was Garden Soil.

Lahontan Golf Club at Truckee

Lahontan Golf Club in Truckee

Worms as Therapy
A true tale, more or less, of the influence of red worms on daily life

By story teller Mary Ellen Conoway

Red worms live in my house
In black trays next to the water heater.
When I open the lid to feed them I hear cracks and pops
As they eat vegetative materials from the kitchen.
These worms don't roam out of their container,
Content to make "tea" and castings for the house
And the outdoor garden plants
It's great recycling (with a modest form of calming therapy)
Requiring little time or care as worm "goo"
Replaces chemical fertilizers and spares the community
Sewer system pounds of waste.


An Ode To Recycling, by Mary Ellen Conoway

Red worms make "tea" for house plants and castings for the garden

In dark, warm and moist soil, all in seeming worm bliss

They are creating growing energy for plants and savings on electrical energy

As they munch, crunch, and squirm in their black bin

It's perfect recycling, easy and nearly care-free no home should miss

Bringing to your life and community near-perfect synergy.