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Whole Foods MarketOur "Soil Essence Elite" is now available for purchase at the Whole Foods Market in Reno and the Great Basin Community Food Co-op - 542 ½ Plumas St., Reno, NV 89509, 775-324-6133

Full Circle Compostis located on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, directly below Lake Tahoe, in the beautiful Carson Valley.

We formulate our products to meet the unique challenges the Sierra Front has to offer.

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Full Circle Compost Mission

The primary focus of Full Circle Compost, Inc. is to produce the highest quality humified soil amendments possible. Utilizing state-of-the-art composting technology, recipes, and supplements, our goal is to harness the energy of the microbial workforce present in humified compost in order to maximize their beneficial and necessary influences in our soils.

The utilization and recycling of existing organic resources from the local community and surrounding areas will be paramount for the overall success of our program.

Full Circle Impact

Full Circle Compost, Inc. will play a key role in building positive, mutually beneficial relationships between agriculture, forestry, and the urban community.

With the ecologically correct waste management and renewable farming practices mentioned here, we believe Full Circle Compost, Inc. can be of great service to our local community and surrounding areas.

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Humified Compost / Garden Boost

Soil Essence Elite

Soil Essence Elite™ Garden Boost is our all Natural Concentrated Soil Amendment.

Locally Made for Local soils
Achieve unbelievable results without the use of chemicals

Garden Boost

Here is the next level of all natural soil amendment products in Nevada and throughout the world. Garden Boost by Full Circle has been designed to fulfill the major mineral and nutrient deficiencies found in Nevada soils.

This extremely concentrated organic amendment should be added in small amounts, a little goes a long way. 1/4 inch applications are recommended in most all situations where one 9-quart bag will cover 16 sq. ft. or a yard up to 1,350 sq. ft. This is an amazing application ratio. Use Garden Boost to fix, balance, and boost existing soils.

Garden Boost is packed with worm compost, compost tea, sea kelp, fish protein, feather meal, paramagnetic rock dust, Endo/Ecto mycorrhizal fungi, solution (micronized) and agricultural grade calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate, and calcium carbonate, iron sulfate, boron, natural sulfur, Sul-po-mag, plus additional mined humates, 19 strains of beneficial bacteria and trichoderma species, carbohydrates, and amino acids.

No other compost facility has created a product that goes to this extent and is able to actually solve Nevada soil problems as Full Circle Compost has done with Garden Boost. This year’s possible high drought climate is no match to Garden Boost’s ability to hold 5x its weight in water. Truly BEYOND COMPOST!

  • Contains...
  • Application Rate...
  • Usage...
  • Benefits...

Humified compost, worm compost, compost tea, sea kelp, hydrolyzed fish, feather meal, paramagnetic rock dust, Endo/ Ecto mycorrhizal fungi, solution (micronized) and agricultural grade calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate, and calcium carbonate, iron sulfate, boron, natural sulfur, Sul-po-mag, plus additional mined humates, 19 strains of beneficial bacteria and tricoderma species, carbohydrates, and amino acids.

Spread amendment 1/4" thick on the surface of the soil you want to amend.

One 9qt bag will amend 16sq ft. or one 4' x 4' raised bed.

For optimal results, apply Soils Essence Elite™ Garden Blend 3 to 4 times per year.

Maximum of 4 applications per year or 1" in total application.

Organic soil amendment for use by the most discriminating organic grower, especially for high-dollar specialty crops and trees. Also for use by any other gardener, landscaper, or homeowner who simply insists on using the best product available, regardless of price!

Achieve Unbelievable Results without the use of Chemicals

  • Higher Nutritional Content
  • Better Tasting Food Crop
  • Boosts Microbial Activity
  • Increase Water Holding Capacity

The added benefits of Soil Essence Elite™ Garden Boost are:

  • When vermicompost (compost created using millions of redworms with mesophilic temperatures below 113 degrees Fahrenheit) is added to our humified compost/mineral blend, a unique biological profile is created due to the unique population of beneficial soil microbes provided. Vermicompost also contains redworm eggs, additional natural nutrients, and trace minerals.
  • Seaweed contains the ocean's natural balance of minerals, all major and minor plant nutrients, all trace elements, alginic acid, vitamins, auxins, at least two gibberellins (natural plant hormones), and natural antibiotics. Seaweed also contains substantial amounts of cytokinins, plant hormones that prevent leaf aging and are natural growth promoters.
  • The use of hydrolyzed fish increases the fungal balance and diversity of the soil, acting as an additional food source for beneficial soil microbes. Fish is also an excellent natural source of Nitrogen.
  • The use of additional humates will increase the diversity of the existing humates unique to our Soil Essence Humus, will increase the Cation Exchange Capacity of your soil, and is also effective in sequestering and encapsulating sodium in high salt soils.
  • Adding mycorrhizal fungi to this blend creates a synergistic relationship with plant roots to supply nutrients to the plants up to 100 times more effectively than the roots alone!
  • Paramagnetic rock dust provides subtle energies conducive to increased plant growth.

Applications: use in the same fashion as a traditional fertilizer, a little goes a long way.

Your complete soil boost and plant nutrition package for all situations…

This product has been produced under the Full Circle Compost WEcycle Program.

WEcycle is a program started by Full Circle Compost that is helping to keep northern Nevada sustainable and green.

WEcycleWe take the pre-consumer food waste from participating local stores and recycle it through our unique composting process and then bring that compost back to you, thus bringing the process Full Circle.